As I reflect on my last few weeks and as I look forward to the weeks ahead, I consider the stories I can bring forward to my own teaching and learning.

I am blessed to have traveled across the country this summer to experience the awe and beauty of the mountains. The beauty of a new place, as well as, the beauty of the nature through the eyes of my granddaughter.

In reading another Blog  this morning I realized the lessons in the smallest of seeds, insects, flowers and nature in general are powerful ways to teach empathy, kindness,    and care for one another. An important learning in light of the discourse we see in the world today.

This blog reminded me of the profound learning I still reflect on some  2 years later after visiting Reggio Emilia, Italy. There the educators tell the story of a tree that lost its branches due to a wind storm. Over a period of time the children are encouraged to consider how the tree felt and then the children are asked what they could do to make the tree feel better. Their response was to create gifts that were hung on the tree. Wow now that is empathy. No special program or material required.

The great outdoors has much to teach us , much more than risky physical play, so go out and find your learning and appreciation of the outdoors and what it has to offer us and our youngest of learners. We must be willing to feel it to truly teach.